About Our Team

Our dedicated staff is tirelessly engaged in the promotion of art and cinema, playing a pivotal role in nurturing young talents within the industry. They work diligently to provide guidance, support, and opportunities to emerging artists, ensuring that their creative voices are heard and their work is celebrated on a global stage. With unwavering passion and commitment, our 

team empowers the next generation of artistic visionaries to make a lasting impact in the world of art and cinema We have a really great team.  We are here to assist you anytime you need help.  Our staff has many years of experience and comes from all walks of life.  Our team specializes in technology, business intelligence, and customer service.  

Meet the Team

Our dedicated staff are always here to serve you and we would love to hear from you anytime.

This fantastic team has many years of experience and comes from all walks of life.

Azretali Saubanov,

Eva Talha, responsible for partnership

Ekaterina Gancheva - Saubanova, Art-director

Elena Saubanova, film festival director

Rakhima Ribane, Vice-President

William Allen, musician, producer

We believe that we unite not just artists and filmmakers, but create a community of serious and responsible people whose creativity is aimed at human progress and the growth of humanism.